Oriental Rug Cleaning Services in New Jersey

Perfectly Preserving Your Precious Rug!

Do you have a beautiful oriental rug that could use a thorough cleaning? If you’re in New Jersey, you’re not alone – many of our customers enjoy the regal look of an oriental rug yet wonder how to care for it. That’s why we bring the best rug cleaning service in NJ – to help you keep your valuable investments pristine for the years to come.

How We Clean Rugs

We approach cleaning oriental rugs with the same care and attention to detail you do when buying them. Our unique combination of hand and machine care methods gently cleans your carpet without damaging it.
We use all-natural, eco-friendly products for Oriental rug cleaning. Our cleaning process starts with a deep pre-cleaning to loosen and remove dirt, dust, and allergens trapped in the rug fibers. Then, the rug is coated with a specialized eco-friendly solution for a deeper, gentler cleaning.
Lastly, professional handwashing with deep-cleaning, non-abrasive cleaning solutions finishes the process. Once dried, the rug is returned to you, looking fresh and clean with vibrant color.

Our Rug Cleaning Services involve:

  • Pre-Inspection: We thoroughly inspect your rug for any wear and tear or damage.
  • Vacuuming: We use a high-powered vacuum to remove dirt, dust, and debris accumulated over time.
  • Dusting: We use specialized tools to remove embedded debris that has been ground in.
  • Hand Cleaning: We use our hands to individually clean each rug fiber, ensuring that each area is thoroughly and evenly cleaned.
  • Spot Treatment: Our methods are designed to quickly and safely remove tough stains without damaging the fabric.
  • Drying: We carefully dry your rug to look and feel as good as new.
  • Post-Inspection: We closely inspect the final product to ensure the best possible results.

Why Choose Us for Oriental Rug Cleaning?

Our oriental rug cleaning services only use non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaning products so that you won’t breathe in nasty chemicals, and your prestigious rug will face no damage. We pride ourselves on being able to remove even the most stubborn of stains, giving your rug a fresh and vibrant look.
Plus, all of our cleaning agents are selected for their ability to boost the lifespan of your rug – you won’t need to worry about any of the colors fading.
We also offer complimentary pickup and delivery, so you can trust that your rug is handled properly and carefully. Our movers treat every rug as if it were their own, and they will always arrive at your doorstep within the day.

What Types of Oriental Rugs Do We Clean?

We specialize in cleaning all types of oriental rugs, including Persian, Chinese, and Turkish rugs. We also clean antique and vintage rugs and modern and contemporary rugs. Our team of experienced rug cleaners in New Jersey can do the job regardless of your rug’s size, shape, or style.

Why is it Important to Hire an Oriental Rug Cleaning Service?

Oriental rugs are timeless works of art with intricate craftsmanship, vibrant colors, and intricate patterns. They are not only beautiful but also key elements of interior design, creating an ambiance and enhancing the beauty of any space. These intricately woven art pieces have been symbols of grace and beauty for generations. Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential for protecting these works of art. That is why having a reliable Oriental rug cleaning service in New Jersey is so important.
Oriental rug cleaning services thoroughly and carefully clean your rugs to restore their original condition and beauty. They understand the value of each rug and are familiar with the proper techniques to restore its original color, pattern, and texture. They are also familiar with proven techniques to prevent and repair damage, such as natural dye losses, moth damage, worn edges, etc.

The Advantages of Hiring an Oriental Rug Cleaning Professionals

Expert knowledge and experience

Oriental rug cleaning requires a thorough grasp of weaves and dyeing methods. Our cleaning professionals have the knowledge, experience, and appropriate tools and products to address such challenges.

Proper cleaning and maintenance routine:

Cleaning professionals know the appropriate cleaners, procedures, and supplies to maintain the rug over time. We understand the need for proper rug care and have the expertise to help keep your rug looking its best.

Damage prevention:

Although Oriental rugs are hardy, they are still vulnerable to damage. With proper cleaning, professionals can prevent harm to the rug’s weave, which can significantly affect its value and aesthetics.

Rug Repair services:

As professional rug cleaners in New Jersey, we can also repair any damage to the rug, including moth damage and dye loss. We have the knowledge and experience of the right techniques to repair these issues without further damaging the rug.

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We offer competitive rates for our rug cleaning services. Prices depend on various factors, including the size and condition of the rug. We offer discounts for multiple rugs, and we can provide a free estimate for the cost of the job upon request.
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