Professional Persian Rug Repair Services

Kabrian Rug Care offers a reliable and thorough Persian rug repair service in New Jersey and surroundings areas . We understand that Persian rugs carry a lot of sentimental value to their owners and require a delicate balance of quality craftsmanship and artistry. Our team of experienced rug specialists always rises to the challenge, delivering exquisite repair and restoration services tailored to your needs.

Re-Weave & Repair Any Persian Rug

Whether it’s years of wear and tear or a manufacturing defect, We have the expertise to repair your Persian rug. Our experienced rug experts will carefully assess the damage and determine the best approach to repairing your rug. Our repair services include:

 Re-weaving
 Patching
 Re stretching
 Re-Fringing
 Rug Dyeing
 Overcasting

Our Comprehensive Persian Rug Repair Process

Our Persian rug repair process begins with a consultation with you. Our team assesses the extent of the damage and notes the next steps. We use the highest quality materials available in the market. We’ll then repair the rug, weaving by hand where appropriate for a seamless finish.

Precision Cleaning and Detailing

When restoring your Persian rug, we carefully clean it and mend it to ensure it’s in its best condition. Our team of experts follows industry-standard procedures to ensure precision cleaning and detailing of the rug. We pay close attention to the rug’s surface level, ensuring all repairs require patience, precision, and care.

Free pickup and delivering Persian Rugs

We provide pickup and delivery service for Persian rugs. We aspire to provide a safe and reliable way to store and transport Persian rugs of all sizes, and Our goal is to provide shapes. We use a secure, climate-controlled environment to store your rug, ensuring it stays in its best condition.

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

At Kabrian Rug Care, we give you our experienced advice throughout the Persian rug repair and restoration process. Our team of rug experts can answer any questions you have, from advising on the best repair approach to discussing potential design ideas. When restoring and repairing your beloved Persian rug.

Get Affordable Rug Restorations With Us

we stand behind our work and guarantee quality services. We know how vital your Persian rug is, so we provide cost-effective solutions that fit your budget. We’ll provide an accurate quote and discuss the timeline before the rug restoration begins.

Get Your Persian Rugs Professionally Repaired Today!

From tears and holes to general repair, Our technicians have the expertise and resources to repair your Persian rugs with the utmost care. We understand the need for a quality job and will deliver with expertise, using only the highest quality materials and equipment. We offer rug repair services, making it convenient and easy to get the necessary repairs.

Don’t delay, schedule your Persian rug repair appointment today for the best quality care.